One of Hokkaido’s famous ice cream shop, Naganuma ice-no-ie (which literally means an ice cream shop), has finally reached our sunny shores!

Using 100% raw Hokkaido milk for their specialty soft serves and gelatos to preserve the full flavors and all that milky goodness, you can be assured of the quality and taste here.

Preferred the gelatos to soft serve, because aside from the texture, there were twice as many flavors to choose from - all of which were true to flavour, not too sweet. At the point of our visit, the flavours available were cookies & cream, Haskap yogurt, milk, double cheese, Yame matcha, strawberry milk, yubari melon, mango yoghurt, chocolate, banana and azuki. Though it does vary between flavours, the gelatos are generally pretty smooth.

Particularly loved milk for its milky fragrance (also yay calcium intake for the day 😂), banana which had bits of banana in it, giving little extra bursts of flavour/ texture and of course, Yame Matcha which had a light bitter undertone!

Thank you @naganumaiceco for having us and @cweizhi for extending the invite! 🤗