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Really stoked to find out that Matchaya is now serving up Choux pastries with a variety of flavours available. I like my cream puffs simple; just custard cream especially for the first go unless certain special flavours catch my attention.

The Choux pastry at Matchaya is done pretty well; the pastry holding up pretty well when sliced apart β€” light and firm with a crisp crust on the exterior for a good texture. Inside, the pastry is generously filled with custard that oozes out eagerly with every squeeze from the knife β€” somewhat more of a milk custard here considering how it's less eggy in flavour and not too sweet; just a rich, luscious and creamy milk custard that is all smooth and velvety. While 52 Sandwich Shack's Shuu lineup is still one of my favourites (a little sad to see them go off pretty soon), Matchaya's rendition holds up pretty well to those standards β€” something which I would definitely be having over and over again, like all the good Choux puffs that I love.