I tried the cheese and hazelnut gelato. I love how unique the cheese is!! The person mentioned that it is made of laughing cow cheese. It has a sweet and salty taste which is not overpowering and not jelak. On the other hand, the hazelnut gelato was delicious! It has bits of hazelnut inside. However, I felt it was alittle too sweet for my liking. Sadly, we weren’t able to choose their all time favourite - pistachio and 85% choco (even though I heard that these 2 are amazing!!)

My partner and I added a cone (burnt cone with hazelnut and slightly burnt cone with cheese) for $1 each and it was the best decision made! The cones were amazing with the gelato! The total price was $7. I’ll definitely be back to try it again.

Ratings for food: 4.5/5
Ratings for price: 5/5 (it cost $3.50 for gelato ice cream with cone)

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