[this is part 2 of 3 (or tinder date 2 out of 3) where i went to three different nasi lemak stalls in a day, please visit the profile for more reviews. i don’t actually use tinder 🤪]

this guy’s tinder profile looks great. great variety. oh look he has a dog, oh look he went on vacation. oh wait… he was the guy you used to crush on in university. wtf. you swipe right immediately. he’s still as good-looking as ever…

during the date, he seemed like an okay person personality-wise, just like the rice and chilli. in uni you thought he was a great guy, but perhaps things changed. he kept on talking about his vacation to the dead sea. and that’s ironic given his saltiness (‘just a little too salty like the dishes in Fong Seng,’ i thought) when he started ranting for an hour about a mutual friend who is doing so much better than him.

at least i am glad that i went on this date, because he allowed me to try on his $50k Patek Phillipe watch. just like the thick and rich milo, that was an amazing experience. no amount of accessories will improve my image of him though.

now i am questioning if i liked him in uni only because he was nearby. proximity effect. overall, still not too bad. will remain as friends.

5/10 would come back only for the memories AND THE MILO.

i should get a dog...