@coocacasg one of the best açai in sg!!! I love how it’s not overly icy and of the right consistency 👅 the açai really goes so well with the banana (a must order) and the almond butter (a must must order!!)

The açai is not too tart or jelat either and I loved this 🤤❤️
Appearance: 9/10
Cost: 9/10 as açai is just expensive :,)
Convenience: 9/10 (I always go to the one in town!)
Taste: 9/10 (the almond butter really takes it to another level mannn)
Texture: 9/10 (amazing and smooth!!)

Can’t wait for my next açai date!! Haven’t visited in so long as they were undergoing renovations @coocacasg 💕✨

ig: @bread_bakesandcooks

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