Replacing the basic brioche burger buns with crispy fluffy waffles works really well with the burger. Whimsical is one of the pioneer cafes that started with those "waffle-everything" dishes. Overall this burger wasn't too bad. Beef patty was quite overcooked, but well seasoned. Served with tomatoes and shredded cucumbers.
There's no cheese served with this burger. It's either they forgot, or it wasn't intended to be served with cheese. Anyhow, both works fine for me in this burger!
Nothing much to say about the fries, except it is very addicting like other fries. Lol!
The sauce served on the side is a little spicy, Asian fusion mayonnaise if I'm not mistaken.

Honestly having waffles to replace anything is quite a gimmick but a good idea. There's a lot of restaurants like this popping up these days too!
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 18.90)