Heard alot about how popular this Korean restaurant is, and true enough it's really packed even on a weekday night. Instead of their bbq, we were craving some stews and we got the Gamjatang ($55).

When the portion of stew came, I knew that this can definitely feed 3 people. Not only the portion was huge, it came with 8 side dishes! The side dishes were pretty unique and they were all well seasoned, especially the chilli potatoes.

The stew itself was very hearty, not too spicy and had numerous ingredients including pork bones (with some really tender meat in them) and various vegetable and mushroom ingredients. Definitely a wonderful dish that is great for sharing among friends! Both of us couldn't finish the portion definitely.

Honestly quite an authentic place and I do see myself coming back. Have had their bbq buffet at their Chinatown point outlet before and it was good too!