• Beef Cubes 10/10 🤤
• Sunddubu jiggae (spicy tofu stew) 7/10 👌
• Mentaiko Pasta 0/10 👎
• Cheesy Spicy Chicken with Tteobeokki 8/10 👍 (not in picture)

Overall will not visit again. Only the beef cubes were worth my money ($18 for 10 wagyu cubes).

Mentaiko pasta is so disgusting (mentaiko lovers, you will be so so so disappointed!! The plain ingredients aside, the pasta literally taste like buttery cream wtf 🤬).

Spicy Tofu Stew was not bad. the soup tasted good.

Was such a scam, told them im using Burpple when i entered, and we had 3pax. After eating and going to counter to pay, i told them i want redeem 2 deals (4 dishes total) and they told me cannot cos we only have 3pax??? None of the restaurants i went to had this rule. I was able to redeem as many deals as i wanted cos Burpple doesn't go by the number of pax. I asked again and they still rejected me saying 2 person one deal. So in the end we paid $60 for 4 dishes ($20 each pax) + none of the dishes were even filling wtf (all 3 of us girls were still hungry) such a waste of money DONT GO.

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