Interior decor is πŸ’―πŸ’― for date nights and couples, my first step into this restaurant I wondered why the heck I chose to visit this place with a guy lol

- Fettucine Boscaiola ($32) (L-Bottom)
(basically fettucine w ham & mushrooms in a white wine sauce)
Β· White Wine Sauce was indeed very potent, distinct tasting
- Lobster Ravioli ($32)

Antipasti Classico (Starters):
- Insalata Di Salmone ($24)
(smoked salmon w salad/capers in a lemon vinaigrette)
- Calamari Fritti ($19)
(pretty worth side & quickbites tbh, comes w 2 dipping sauces, 1 pizza-ish tomato sauce and the other sth like a sour cream tartar)

Paid ~$34 per pax, $$ price point.

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