I'm not really one to eat vegan food, but Soul ALife piqued my curiosity. However, my experience here was less than desired - might have been a case of mismatched expectations? I don't know.

The Mac and Cheese ($7.90 nett) looked great in pictures & reviews - was pleasantly surprised to find this was actually a full portion enough for a meal, not like the appetizer-size that I was expecting.

But upon first bite, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It didn't have that authentic cheesy feel that I was looking for. A few bites in, I started to regret ordering it. Eventually, my partner & I didn't finish it; we left 1/5 untouched because it was just too salty to handle. Definitely not ordering this again πŸ˜”

πŸ’³ Accepts credit cards & Favepay
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
πŸ™‹ No Service Charge
🚫 No GST
πŸ“Ά No WiFi available
πŸ’¦ Free water served