🥐 Cereal Prawn Croissant
📍MADU The Bakery (@madubakerysg)
📌 Race Course Road
💰 $11.90
🤑 Promo code: 《BREADINOSAUR》for $5 off @pickupp.sg

I dont like seafood. I dont like prawns. Once when I was 8 or so, I tried to eat a prawn with the blind belief that my tastebuds were developed enough for me to stop being such a bloody picky eater, and I tried a fried prawn tempura then spat it out. Haven't attempted to eat prawns since, but this Cereal Prawn Croissant was my sexual reawakening to the potential magic of prawns because it is BUSSIN.

The prawns are HUGE and suuuuper fresh, not like those tiny shriveled little pieces with a rubbery appearance that you may find commonly. So juicy and chewy and even though I still wouldnt willingly eat prawns, this croissant definitely opened me up to it.

I love the addition of the cereal and theres also some yuzu dressing on it I believe? I thought that was a little odd paired with the cereal, would prefer if they stuck to mayo / garlic aoili. But either way a suuuuper quality croissant !

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⭐ Rating: 8.7/10
🤑 worth the price: a lil pricey
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: ye

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