My parents use to storm my room at 8am on weekends, rudely dragging me to the bathroom, just so we could hit Old Airport Road earlier - all for a bowl of this Blanco Court Kway Chap. Of course us being Singaporeans, we never stop at just one dish. The table would be packed full with loads of other bites: from fried carrot cake, rojak, to bowls of ice kachang and tau huay. The star however would always remain this kway chap. The aunty only used to speak in dialects, so us kiddies learnt the kway chap lingo just to enjoy this dish for breakfast. We'll fight over the braised intestines and pig's skin (much to any ang moh's horror) and all would be gone before you know it. But that was a long time ago. Before cafés were up, before we grew up. Today the aunty actually speaks English and Mandarin. Doesn't feel all that same. #hawkerpedia