😅 oh well! How fast has it been isn't it. Valentine's Day was one week ago and now it's CNY!
My Valentine @ Mr. & Mrs.

A Valentine's Day special. Something like a strawberry shortcake, but it's a layer this layer of strawberry jelly/ganache texture thing, layer of white chocolate mousse, strawberries, and a thin layer of sponge.
It wasn't quite bad but I was taken advantage of the day and great marketing techniques for this special day and cute heart shaped desserts.
The cake was quite good though. White mousse was sweet enough, compliments well with the strawberry ganache and shortcake. Very creamy and smooth!
Food: 6/10 Price: 5/10 (RM 11.90 - so expensive for a mini thingy!! But I guess it was worth the special day with your special one. Like what every excuses were "It's Valentine's Day!")