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Hyde & Co.'s Gourmet Pizzas have crusts that are on the thin side, crispy but not too much like a cracker. If you're indecisive/curious like I am, you can opt for half-&-half pizzas. I'm torn between the 2 we tried:

The Bomb ($13.90/$26.90)
Don't be fooled like we were-- the heat from the Sambal Chinchalok really packs a punch! The spread is in between the crust & the Prawn Omelette layer-- not visible until you chow down & feel the heat. It's not overwhelming, but you definitely can't miss it. & who knew that Chye Poh 菜脯 (picked radish) goes so well on an omelette pizza?! Thumbs up for this fusion dish that is unique & tasty.

The Geisha ($14.90/$27.90)
A fusion combination that most would not be surprised at. Erring on the safer side, this Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Mentaiko Mayo combination was pretty dang harmonious. One of my pet peeves with Smoked Salmon is that it is usually crazy salty, but this wasn't like that at all. The Burnt Broccoli (sounds bad to be burnt but it's more like charred lah haha) adds some texture to the pizza but isn't difficult to bite through, so that is also lovely.

** Prices are listed in "(half-pizza/full-pizza)" format.

💵 Cash only
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
👍 Halal-certified (CAA Jun 2017)
🙋 No GST or service charge
✉ Invited tasting (thanks Burpple!)