Ah yes, LeVel 33. If you think paying SGD 20+ to go up to the sky deck at Marina Bay Sands is not worth it and would rather eat.... don't come here.

Here's a few things to note if you want to dine with the amazing skyline:
1. You need to spend at least SGD 60 to dine at the patio (no air-conditioning so sit at your own risk)
2. I sat at the patio and ants came to join me for my meal.
3. You don't get to see the sun setting cause it's in the wrong direction but the night lights are really amazing all the same (on Saturdays. Cause Marina Bay Sands has fancy light show)

Now that we have that out of the way, on to the food.

I ordered a starter, a main and 2 drinks. The starter, Snails and Pigs was breaded, deep fried braised pork belly with some escargots and a lone strip of bacon. And it tasted awesome. The pork was tender, escargots tasted great and the sace went well with everything. Heck even the bacon tastes good!

And that's it.
Why? Because everything else tasted like something I could get cheaper for 1/10 of the price.

But that's for another post.
Till next time! ^_^