I've been having the strangest craving for kombucha in recent weeks. So when I chanced upon Teapulse's Instagram post that they now do island-wide deliveries, I immediately jumped on it. Each day, they deliver to a different region based on location - makes a lot of sense for their logistics.

They have various options available:
1. "Pure" probiotics lemonade concentrates (250ml for $16)
2. "Pure" undiluted kombucha (800 for $25, or 250ml for $5.20)
3. "Concoctions" of ready-to-drink kombucha/probiotics drinks (250ml for $5.60)

#1 & #2 come in glass jars/bottles (respectively); these should be mixed in the appropriate ratios before drinking. Fret not, it's easy to do & your order comes with a detailed instructions sheet to follow. For those who are lazy to mix up a storm, you can opt for #3 - these, however, come in plastic bottles which I'm not a fan of.

I DM-ed them on Instagram to get their order sheet, which they promptly sent over & informed me of what flavours (for #2) were available for the week. I filled it up to make up the minimum $30 for free delivery & sent it back to them on WhatsApp. Paid up by PayNow & they advised me on delivery timing.

Happily received my stash on time, the day of:
#1 - Probiotics Brown Lemonade Concentrate
#2 - Pure Kombucha (Osmanthus, Green Tea)
#3 - Lemongrass Kombucha with Aloe Vera

Immediately drank #3 & shared it with my mum - her first time. She liked it & didn't find it too acidic/vinegary! As for the rest, I am slowly mixing them & going through my stash.

Pleased with this experience & will order from them again. Teapulse has actually been on my Burpple wishlist for a while, but I hadn't had time to stop by their store at Phillip Street.

When the time comes & stores are allowed to re-open, I'd like to swing by to show my support. You can also get 1-for-1 drinks here on Burpple Beyond, which gives me even more reason to visit... Hehehe.