Located in the quiet neighbourhood of kembagan, i went early on a saturday and were one of the first few customers there. But the place was packed within 2hrs into operation. Its ambience with natural lighting through the glass roof is 10/10 for good pictures. The food is not bad, though it is not the best I've tasted.. the bagel is cold and too hard, the toast is better and imo, coffee is the best for this brunch. Items featured in the picture includes: The signature Wentelfeejes $10/Smoked salmon bagelwich $11/Cafe mocha $5.50/Signathure Flight Coffee $8.50. Verdict: I won't come here for brunch again, but more for their coffee and cakes. (tried their Strawberry matcha & thai milk tea cakes too, and it was good, especially the milk tea one😍) 3.90/5.0.