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Love the presentation of the lobster burger in a pasta dish, sat on top of a bed of fries. Each chunky lobster was sweet in taste, and well coated in miso mayo. The sesame seed bun was lightly toasted on the underside and at the top as well, therefore providing a slight crunch as you cut into it. The mix of veggies between the bun added another layer of brunch texture to the bite. Every mouthful was so delightful! It’s kinda pricy at >$34++ but I guess it kinda justified the quality and portion. Oo, and the ambience was great too! Particularly loved how the outlet at downtown had really high ceilings!

PS: In the latest visit, the lobster burger didn’t come in such presentation anymore! It’s simply on a plate with fries on the side...
Not sure if it’s me but I guess the presentation was given a discount, and so was the taste!