Surprised to find that P&P is short on dine-in seats and hosts a perpetual queue of takeaways even on a weekday afternoon! The small space and crowd is managed by a crew of young staff who are friendly and extremely helpful.

Flavours of their signature brioche donuts ($3.80) rotate regularly - we got matcha this time! Their donuts are wondrously fluffy with a great chew. I thought the tea flavour was a tad lacking, but appreciated that it had a faint hint of bitterness that balanced its sweet vessel.

It was our first time trying their other bakes - some had already sold out by lunch time, so we settled for the yuzu pear crumble ($5.50). It’s cake edges held well, but its base was a little soggy. Wished the crumble was more crisp to provide textural variation! Otherwise, the citrus fragrance rounded by a muted sweetness comes across well.

Lastly, we tried their highly raved cold brew ($5) which had been steeped for 5 days. The coffee is clean and sharp with a fruity flavour that leans towards acidic. While enjoyable, I’ll stick to their more-affordable espresso brews next time!

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