Pictured above is the Kueh Salat ($16) with Butterfly Tonic ($24), and Exotique ($18) with Pilcrow’s Sweet Gin ($24).
The Kueh Salat had a nice mouthfeel with its smooth custard that was delicate in the combination of pandan and coconut flavours. I enjoyed everything about the cake, but not so much the very sweet Gula Melaka ice cream scoop on the side. Exotique, Pilcrow’s signature dessert packs a sour punch with its yuzu curd within a beautifully executed coconut mousse. Refreshing, but there was a slight disjoint between the yuzu and coconut flavours for me.
Both drinks were decent, and went great with the respective desserts. On a whole, I loved the progressive concept of the desserts here — how Pilcrow reimagines the flavours and pairs it with beautifully crafted drinks at the same time.


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