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The Ronnie is essentially the upper crust and more sophisticated cousin to the Sausage Egg McMuffin. A 90-gram chicken sausage patty is made in-house and assembled with a fried free-range egg, arugula and miso béarnaise, compounded in between two slices of toasted demi brioche. The buns are so light, airy and pillowy, that they practically disappear into a buttery poof of air as you bite down into the burger. The miso béarnaise is creamy, buttery and umami, with a subtle acidic twang that pierces through the richness of the sauce and arouses the palate. The molten golden core of the egg explodes upon impact and inundates the juicy and savory sausage patty with its yolky decadence, while the arugula rounds things up with its peppery and ever-green freshness. This brunch burger is accompanied by a side of tater tots which are crisp and savory on its golden-brown exterior, and fluffy and earthy in its interior. 

*The brunch menu is only available every Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 4pm.