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quality of meat was good. the marinade was on point. my rant will be about the prices. did not remember the prices being so ex. ordered garlic pork belly, tom yum chicken and basil pork. the meats were 8 each. hot dog was 5 and tang hoon was 3. and first time i came to know of the minimum order of $30. i remember the garlic was spammed on the belly in the past too. prices aside, i have to admit the meats were well marinated and the taste did not disappoint. dipping sauce was good too. sweet, spicy and not diluted. a place to visit if u are in a fine dining mood but only have enough cash for mookata. garlic pork belly and tom yum chicken are the must orders. the garlic pork belly was good on its own without the sauce. we ordered another serving of garlic pork belly cos it was not filling. 20 per pax. #1345mookata #mookata #garlic #porkbelly #tomyum #chicken #burpple #hungrygowhere #8dayseat #whati8today #igfood #foodstagram #sgeats #sgfoodie #sgfood

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