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Been a while since I patronised Science canteen but I had to brave the queues this afternoon :( amidst all the long queues, there’s a few stalls that I usually head to to avoid a long wait and the Korean stall is one of them.

Upon placing my order, I paid with GrabPay for a $0.50 rebate (total cost was $4.70 as there’s an additional $0.20 for takeaway containers). I got my order in about a minute with two small containers of kimchi and candied anchovies.

Can’t say this is fantastic Korean food, but it’s seasoned pretty well (not spicy though), and I do like it for its convenience. Also, for the price, you can’t really complain. There’s a really generous portion of chicken given for just $4.50. I don’t think there’re any other stalls that can beat this amount of meat. Wish there were more veggie options in the dish too, but otherwise this is affordable and value-for-money food in the Science canteen.

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