This is my 2nd visit to Noodle Star K and I decided to try the Jjajangmyeon ($12) this time. The black bean paste sauce is filled with onion and potato chunks and it goes well with the delicious house-made kimchi - I like that the kimchi is well-seasoned and has a garlicky tone to it. The robust beef broth that is served on the side is surprisingly rich and flavourful. We also ordered beef short plate ($12) and boiled pork dumplings ($6.80) to share. The thinly sliced grilled beef is tender and juicy. The boiled pork dumplings are the size of wanton and the skin is very Q - I find myself popping one dumpling after another:) The portion is generous and we are super full by the end of the meal. PSA: There is a 15% discount if you order a set meal comprising a main, side and drink!