Was a little daunted by the amount of milk in both but they turned out pretty good!

No option to select your sugar level for Taro as it’s fixed at 50% but it was thankfully not too sweet. We liked how fragrant it was and had bits of real taro for a little texture. I thought it would have been a little jelak but the buddy proved me wrong and finished it all by herself. Having said that, I do think it might be one of the best around - usually it’s disappointingly artificial, but please let me know if you have a good recommendation!

While Taro is nice, my pick would be the Matcha Azuki. Recommended sugar level of 30% and less ice, but I went ahead for 0% (yes I’m the kind of person who drinks 0% sugar level bbt with no pearls most of the time 😂). I loved that it was mildly bittersweet, complemented with a little sweetness from the plump Azuki!

(Edit: brought the mother to try and she enjoyed the matcha azuki! For someone who stays away from sweet stuff, 0% was just right for her😊)