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Emerald Black ($8++)
- 'Matcha dacquoise (Meringue made with very finely chopped nuts folded into the mixture before baking); Black sesame cream, Matcha sponge, Caramelised sesame nuts'
There was a strong matcha fragrance in the firm and dense cake sponge and strong notes of black sesame flavour in the cream as well. I like how the exterior of the cake was more firm than the inside.
Honestly not too sure if the caramelised sesame nuts are supposed to provide a contrast in taste or if it was simply decorative but I could not taste it.
Overall, this was the richest cake I had but worth getting if you love black sesame.
Taste: 8/10

Strawberry Shortcake ($8++)
- 'Genoise sponge (Italian style sponge cake), Chantilly, Strawberries'
- Loaded with fresh tangy strawberries
- Fresh subtly sweet cream throughout the cake
- Lightest of the 3 cakes
Overall, a decent strawberry shortcake
Taste: 7/10

Waguri Millefeuille ($7.20++)
- 'Japanese chestnuts, Chestnut cream, Puff pastry, Custard'
- Very hard to eat all the elements together without the pastry collapsing in on itself
- Really light and fluffy cream
- Sweet, firm and thin puff pastry lying on top of fresh cream with more chestnut cream topped with a significant number of chestnuts
- The chestnut cream provided mild chestnut fragrance to the pastry
- There was a hint of salted egg in the base
Overall, love how all the elements complemented one another in both flavour and texture. The puff pastry was actually really buttery, making the cake quite rich
Taste: 9/10 (Worth trying)

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