Consisting of marinated grilled chicken, lamb cutlets, sliced beef, fried chicken wings, corn on cob and a huge heap of curly fries, Alter Ego's grilled meat platter is generous enough to feed 4 or more!

As with the seafood grilled platter, the meat platter is kinda hit and miss. The lamb was (unsurprisingly) meeeeh. The chicken was fairly decent. I was kinda worried about the beef which was slightly thin but turned out to be the best amongst all.

Alter Ego is IMHO a great place for big groups. The food is decent and they have a couple of large long tables. I do suggest though that they try to downsize the menu to make it more manageable and easier for quality control.

P.S. This is the last post for Alter Ego's #Eatup. As always, a big thank you to Burpple and Alter Ego for hosting us!