Ordered the Sea Salt Hojicha with a waffle cone ($6) and loved it!!😍 This flavour is not for all, but I really enjoyed it because I tend to like salty stuff + matcha at the same time🤣 The waffle smelt amazing and it was made on the spot so plus points for that!! I also tried my friends' flavours such as Pistachio, Midnight Gianduja, Mint Cacao, Peach and Rose Sorbet, Vanilla Fig😇👍🏻

I also liked Midnght Gianduja (tastes like ferrero rocher) and Vanilla Fig!! Both were rich and yummy while other flavours were not to my liking😅 Overall ratings 9/10!!🤩 Really one of the best ice cream places to get your ice cream fix!! Ps. Queue looks long but all it takes is a 10-15min waiting time (which is worth it!!)🤣