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d’ Good Café’s third restaurant played a more Asian theme, specifically on the local coffee and tea scene and our familiar Kopitiam heritage.

The Hainanese Roulade & Risotto Balls (S$19.50) repackaged the local favourite chicken rice into a more Westernised presentation. The chicken was tender and juicy from the poaching, and the garlic-ginger chilli remoulade encapsulated the ginger and chilli sauce quite perfectly. And that small piece of foie gras was more of a touch of luxury to this dish, giving me a sense that the food was worth the money. My only slight gripe from this dish was their risotto balls, because the rice was not as compact within the ball and was a tad marshy for its texture. Overall, it was still a good dish and I would actually recommend this dish to those who loved chicken rice anyhow.

They also had an in-house coffee museum that was open to public, but given that visitors would be shuffling their way into the museum without any obligation to spend in the restaurant, sitting near the entrance of the museum might cause some inconvenience to those who minded someone squeeze behind their seats.