Pick between the classic box or the mystical MOON boxes as the collection begins on 12 Aug.
Being a modernist foodie whom always curious to explore the trending flavors, I could not resist but to try the snowskin mooncakes first. Durian aside since durians fans like me would ‘yay’ to it, other flavors were also prominent and unique in their own ways. .
Check out what flavours each colour represents below:
▪️Peranakan Durian Mini Snowskin (in blue)
▪️Pandan White Lotus Seed Paste with Champagne Praline Mini Snowskin (in white, new flavour)
▪️Passion Fruit Paste with Plum Mini Snowskin (in yellow)
▪️Green Tea Paste with Baileys Irish Cream Praline Mini Snowskin (in green) ▪️White Lotus Seed Paste with Singapore Sling Praline Mini Snowskin (in pink, new flavour) .
Where to buy?
Xin Cuisine
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075
Online: singaporeatrium.holidayinn.com/eshop and discounts of up to 35% off applies.
Thanks @desertingbeauty for the review

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