Wagyu cheeseburger @ $21.40
Comes with curly fries

A lot of areas that we think can be improved on. Firstly, it's served in this plate that fits the burger exactly. If anybody has had a burger before will know how everything falls all over the places so it's rather difficult to eat this with the super confined space of the small plate.

Secondly, they say it's wagyu beef but cuz it's been made into a patty, it's rather difficult to tell if it's really wagyu and to be honest it doesn't feel very much so.

Thirdly, as can be seen in the photo the cheese is overflowing on one side. Not sure if it's done on purpose but I really do wish the cheese has been more evenly spread around the burger because there's some parts that's just nice, some parts that's quite bland and some parts that's just super salty. I love my cheese but this cheese just doesnt taste good somehow.

Seems like the curly fries is the thing with the least complaints that we have here.

Though we must say the pastas that we saw at other tables do look not bad.

And prices are nett.