This Is What I Came For Matcha MontBlanc ($18.00). oh yes, I did struggle to order between Matcha Tiramisu, Matcha MontBlanc and Matcha Azuki Pancake. But most of people order Matcha MontBlanc instead of Matcha Tiramisu and Matcha Azuki Pancake. I decided to try this first as I found that it was quite popular in the menu and saw people at another table to order too. I find the pricing for pancake menu was really expensive than the main menu, you need really need to be considered for ordering another pancake again if anyone here is going alone there in terms of pricing. It's best to ask your friends coming along to share cost if anyone want to eat or having some cravings. The taste for pancake was really so good that I didn't noticed whipping cream hidden Matcha MontBlanc :") and I didn't like whipping cream tbh. I just literally removed it off most of time.