An affordable packet of really satisfying fried noodles and fried dishes. For this, I had a mix of fried dark bee hoon, kuay tiao, fried cuttlefish cake, taukwa, and stir fried long beans with some sambal chilli on the side, which set me back only $3.20.

They have quite a few fried noodles to choose from - bee hoon (white or dark), maggi noodles, yellow noodles and kuay tiao. Compared to other economic noodle shops however, they have relatively few ingredient options. Only two vegetables (cabbage and long beans), and perhaps about 10 fried ingredients including egg. Nonetheless, their dark fried bee hoon is really solid. I love the bee hoon here as it’s moist and slides easily down the throat, but isn’t too oily and soft. It’s got flavour on its own, but tastes even better with the sambal. The kuay tiao is pretty good too. I’d like more vegetables offered but both the stir fried cabbage and long beans here are good, and I love the fried tau kwa. Convenient, no frills, affordable economic bee hoon right here.