1 FOR 1 pork ribs bak kut teh soup, available in both small($8.40) and large($11.40) sizes! Also FREE refill of the bak kut teh soup, which i stopped at only one refill (i paiseh to ask for more πŸ™ˆ). I am sure the soup broth isn't the strongest tasting around but it's considered quite decent! Also had additional sides of YouTiao($2.20) and Braised Vegetables with some δΈ‰ζˆθ‚‰($4.20). The chopped garlic, chili and sauces are at the side counter where we could help ourselves to it! This is considered a VERY GOOD DEAL with the 1 for 1 pork rib soup offer!! I am quite glad I had the chance to try with this offer, if not i would not be able to try it as it would not be worth the money spent with the regular price.