Everything has a first — and this is my virgin experience with Mookata; hadn't really given Mookata a go (and this is obviously not my idea for those whom know me pretty well) especially since I am more of a Korean BBQ person, and that buffets are really my thing unless a friend/clique/family calls for it and even so, my usual instinct would probably lie towards international buffets at hotels (e.g. Colony).

For $29.90 on weekdays all-day, Y Cube offers a small selection of hot food (not particularly Thai though; Samosa, Fried Rice, Cheese Fries and Ngoh Hiang) alongside a myriad of items that goes in your Mookata (the spread covers a large number of processed food, some seafood including mussels, clams, flower crabs, fish and other seafood, a small selection of meat with most selections being chicken/pork) with free-flow soft drinks (Thai Milk Tea included) and a selection of Magnolia ice-cream for dessert. For a first-timer, it was definitely intriguing to see a slab of pork fat being greased over the metal grill in place of the usual butter or cooking spray some places use; the marination of meats were pretty decent overall. The oils from the meats drip down into the broth base, which is pretty flavourful to have but let's just say I wouldn't recommend having it too much; it can get pretty oily and gloopy down there which isn't quite the healthiest thing to have. That being said, I would not mind having a Mookata some other time, though it's probably going to be a once-in-a-while affair just like how a Korean BBQ meal would be for me. Not sure how this place fares against other Mookata spots since it's my first, but it's probably decent considering it quite made me accept the concept and idea behind Mookata overall.

(PS: Be prepared to smell of the fumes once you leave; the lack of air ventilation pumps and the enclosed space of the eatery means you probably would smell like a walking Mookata afterwards!)