The meat itself had a good flavour coming through with it being grassfed. Had a nice amount of char without being overly smokey.
We had a choice of two sides and we went with mashed potatoes and garden vegetables (not in picture) to keep things simple. Truffle hollandaise was alright, but the black peppercorn & cognac sauce was so well-balanced. Usually, I pass on pepper sauce because I find it too sharp but Mezza9's black peppercorn & cognac worked well in enhancing the natural sweetness of the steak and definitely made my night.

I believe this t-bone steak was on promo the night we dined: for $98++ on its own but there was a choice of having a bottle of wine for $158++. Service came off as a little shorthanded since we had to prompt several staff members to have our water and wines refilled - but the complimentary birthday dessert paired with the lively singing made up for it. Also note that tap water was chargeable for $2.

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