Sharing a few of my must get from Ikea, still work in progress cause I have not tried everything from there so I will add on again once I tried something I like😊

▶️Breaded chicken cutlet with Salted egg sauce ($8.90)-
Finally got to try their salted egg chicken and it was legit👌
Honestly salted egg can go quite terribly wrong sometimes and I was not so sure about this. But it turned out pretty nice!!!!

That buttery golden sauce had just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness, drizzled over that crispy and juicy chicken cutlet.❣️

However, my friend said it can get abit greasy for her so I do recommend sharing!!

Sadly it is unavailable until the end of this November..

▶️Swedish meatballs-
Not ordering this is like coming singapore and not trying chilli/black pepper crab

▶️Marinated salmon-
There’s just something about their sauce and their salmon that attracts me🤤

▶️Salmon fillet with broccoli-
I love the sauce because I love sour stuff but the salmon had a very strong fishy taste but overall it was pretty cool.

▶️Cheese tart($2.60)-
Come on man it is beautiful, in just one bite, the slightly warmed soft creamy filling bursted in my mouth🤤 happiness

▶️ ice cream/ soya ice cream ($0.50)-
Seriously it is one filled with memories and satisfaction.