Dined here because I had a voucher. But turns out I didn’t really enjoy my visit here

👉🏻fried fish with ginger onion $15.8++: I’m not sure why the fish wasn’t fried. Diff from the photo from another review. Fish is frozen fish and can taste a metallic aftertaste. The sauce that accompanied it was also slightly salty not the ginger onion sauce I’m used to

👉🏻salted eggs shrimp $22.8++: this was alright the nicer dish of all 3 items. But the prawn didn’t taste v fresh either slightly mushy. And the flour batter separates from the prawn v easily. The salted egg taste could also be much stronger

👉🏻 Yangzhou fried rice 9.8++: I had one scoop of this rice and couldn’t eat further. The fried rice didn’t have the egg fragrant fried rice taste at all. It was very bland and had a very strong rice smell that I couldn’t take it. Felt like I wasted my money for it

But perhaps I ordered all the wrong dishes from this stall. If anyone wants to visit here maybe you have better luck trying other dishes

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