Palate:Nostalgia | Got a try at 'Weekends at Monniker' last Sunday, with a menu inspired by local flavours and childhood memories that's specially curated by young chefs, Jordan and Jing Ting. The meal started off with Sourdough Bread before moving on to Lala that came with a robust crab broth, XO lupcheong bits and leeks. Mains were between Pork Chop 'Satay' and Batang Risotto (inspired by fish soup), then it ended off with Fried Ice Cream, a delightful scoop of coconut ice cream encased in a crisp bread exterior with gula melaka sauce! Got to say we were so impressed by the quality of dishes coming out from the kitchen by these home cooks. It's all the familiar flavours being elevated!

Monniker adopts a unique concept of inviting different chefs (home cooks, bakers and more) to take over the kitchen every weekend = You get to try something new all the time! It was a more than pleasant experience being able to taste the dishes on the menu and speak to the chefs behind it. Frequent updates and reservation deets are up on their FB page and if you’re interested to be in the kitchen, they are more than happy to speak to you!

A huge thank you to @airshipmonniker for having us and @gnohznaij for the kind invite! πŸ™†πŸ»