Im telling you this chawanmushi is loaded. Choke full of mushrooms and chicken and seafood it's no wonder they serve it in small cups and fill it only half full else it would be too easy devouring a bowl of that. As a proud self proclaimed buffet strategist who maximises value and taste, i can tell you that this is good enuf to warrant a second cup during a yakuniku buffet.

They also provide gyutan(beef tongue). Really hard to grill since they keep folding up and the clumsy tongs dont help, as well as so easy to overcook due to its thinness, it really calls for 100% attention but it's so worth the effort.

I would definitely advice the short ribs(kalbi) as it's very flavourful and has enuf fat as well. The leaner muscles tend to dry out as the juices escape since the heat isnt enough to sear the meat quickly so i'd advise skipping the lean cuts and go for the fatty ones :D