Often when there is an attempt to evolve the traditional fare, be it by upscaling it or infusing it with other existent concepts in cuisine, a grey area forms. Therein lies the risk where a concept can become dismissible without care, which was one that FrapasBar took boldly with its re-imagined French tapas selection and profound risottos.
Located just along the seams of The Cathay where the original Saveur used to be, a centerstage bar display, dim lighting and black marble tabletops make for a casual evening dinner with a flair
1️⃣ Sophia’s Risotto ($24) - I gotta tell you, when two of my favourite things to eat in the world coalesce, I might just fall prey to the old biased routine that judges simply based on whether its a standalone winner or a complete fucking disaster. In the case of Sophia’s Risotto combing otah-otah and risotto along with generous chunks of crab meat and mackerel, I’m proud to qualify it in the former category
2️⃣ Saveur Pasta ($9) - for a namesake dish hiding comfortably in the corners of the menu, this minimal serving of dry capellini wasn’t exactly a contender for a signature
3️⃣ Seafood Bouillabaisse ($16) - traditionalist fare made compact might have some setbacks, just saying
4️⃣ Salmon Tartare ($9) - this classic combination of salmon and avocado was made surprising with the addition of pickled ginger and honey
The tapas are not an essential order despite the place having “Tapas” in its name, but do come here for the Sophia’s Risotto.