And one of the most expensive ones too. Thank God for Burpple Beyond or I would be significantly more upset. I don’t usually like eating cafe breakfast food because I don’t believe in paying so much for something I could possibly make myself but I was feeling a hearty breakfast so I went for it.

The eggs were RUBBERY. They actually felt rubbery and plasticky. Taste wise it was honestly fine and it had hint of truffle in it. But the texture really ruined it for me. The bacon, mushrooms and sausage were decent and cooked properly but there was nothing fantastic about them. Sourdough toast was decent, crisp and quite fragrant. The next horror was the salad which was very bitter and pretty unfresh. I’ve heard so many good reviews about this place so I can’t believe I had such a bad experience here. Truly hope that this is a one off thing, don’t mind coming here again to give them another chance though.