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Located opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, this eatery is a good alternative if you want to have something local but not having to tolerate Singapore's heat and humidity.

You'll get to select from a variety of seafood combinations with your choice of noodles, but I just went with their signature seafood ipoh horfun ($8.80) which has ~2 pieces of every item (prawn, fried beancurd skin, abalone, sliced fish, fish maw, fish ball, pork ball, sliced pork, and minced pork) and a soft egg which I topped up $1.50 for. Evidently, the egg isn't well done since this is not a Japanese ramen restaurant afterall, but the rest of the ingredients were fresh and legit 👍 The soup was tasty (but I'm not sure if it's MSG-laden hahaha) but it can be sweeter (since so much seafood is being used right)!

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