4⭐ I saw the 1 for 1 promotion and decided to give it a try as Tampopo ramen is ranked one of the top 10 in SG. The pale milky broth don't seems to be appetising at first glance but it proved me wrong after tasting the first mouth. The broth is rich and thick because the pork bones are boiled for 30 hours. I requested for the chilli flakes to be put aside as the default one comes with chilli flakes topping. The texture of the noodles was slightly hard at first but as we ate, the noddles soften as it's being soak in the broth. The black pig shabu shabu is soft and tender, WB couldn't taste the difference between normal and black pig shabu shabu. 🙄 As for the Koumi Fry ramen which WB ordered, it's suitable for those who like fried food since the usual ramen comes with the typical char siew.
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