Previously at Keypoint (which has been torn down for redevelopment), SunMoon has moved to a ground floor unit in Sultan Plaza. For $5.40, you get a standard lettuce base plus five toppings. Although the selection isn't that huge when it comes to the toppings, the amount they give is very generous and they offer interesting items like pomegranate, blanched French beans, steamed sweet potatoes, strawberries, guava and dragonfruit. Which amounts to an impressively hefty salad. You can also add premium meats (such as smoked duck, tandoori chicken, chicken breast and tuna in brine) for an extra $1.50 and the serving is just as large. My $6.90 order today comprised of a hardboiled egg, black olives, carrot, sweet corn, pasta and tuna with the housemade pesto for dressing. I can't say I liked the pesto all that much, so will try another dressing when I'm next there.
Having a reputation for such worthwhile value means there's always a queue at SunMoon around lunchtime. Best to go early before if you want to have a wider selection for your toppings.