so we found a new bread that we‘re obsessed with & the obsession is so bad that we drove all the way down to tai seng just to get our hands on it.

the rainbow bread at jie traditional bakery had to be the best bread we had these days. it was so soft and fluffy, and i would assume that’s how it would feel like if we were to eat a cloud. also, i loved how it evoked those nostalgic memories of those breakfast i would have when i was a lot younger. we personally liked the bread at the kovan branch more than the one at tai seng which was weird cause we assumed that all the bread shld be baked by the main branch? somehow there’s a bit of crust remaining on the bread we got at tai seng so the sides felt a bit harder and chewier, BUT the middle portion was still so so soft and enjoyable. so i would probably bite off all the 4 corners first then enjoy the part in the middle.

i absolutely love pairing this bread with some @benandjerrysg. it’s almost as if i became my own ice cream man at home (who scooped a disgustingly excessive amount of ice cream on top of each bread)