This is a backdated review, as I ate it around early Feb 2018. Bought the rice box on the owner’s recommendation. I was given the choice to add either garlic or seaweed flavoured powder to my rice, which I added a little of both.

However, I found the sushi rice to be abit too sour for my liking. As for the beef cubes, I felt that the flavoured powder could have been added in when searing the beef, so that we need not have to worry abt over-seasoning the dish. Some parts of the beef was also too chewy.

Lastly, I note that they do not have a proper menu up for easy reference. The owners have to constantly repeat and advertise how much it cost for beef cubes and for the rice box. Note that they were selling drinks as well. A menu would have been better to save the need to state the price verbally. (Disclaimer: this might have changed since I went there in early Feb 2018)

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