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To be honest, this is one of the nicest pastries I have encountered in a while!
I’m a big pastry fan but this time, this one by Nesuto is exceptional and I’ll say it’s a must try from their pastry case!
I’ve been told by the staff that Ispahan is the sweetest amongst their other flavors but I think the sweetness is just perfect, it’s a dessert after all so I believe it needs to be just perfectly sweet, and this one is indeed PERFECTLY sweet.
The components of this pastry all played a part in creating a beautiful overall taste and texture. Starting from the very nicely fragrant rose bavaroise mousse, tangy raspberry gelee, sweeter lychee gelee, vanilla chiffon, and finally their Brown sugar sable which I think is one of the BEST tart bases I’ve tried. If you try it, you’ll notice how the base is NICE, sort of stands out too!
Okay again, this is RECOMMENDED!