Was attracted to this Mapo Fries as fried tau-kwa strips were used as 'fries' in place of the average Joe that is potato. Sadly, unlike its very interesting description on the menu, this dish failed to stand out in terms of taste. Quite possibly the most underwhelming dish of the night, the Mapo Fries also features mapo ragu and grated cheese spread over the beancurd strips. The key ingredient of this dish, the tau-kwa strips, were overly dry and hard, while the cheese didn't seem to play any part in the dish. However, the mapo ragu was tasty. The flavours of the bean paste were distinct, and every bite faintly reminded me of mala. My friends and I paired our fries from the Har Cheong Chicken Burger with the mapo ragu instead, as an attempt to salvage the dish.