Not sure how things are like now for the youngsters these days, but Aston’s Specialties was the go-to place for the splurge during the days when I was still a polytechnic student (it’s been a decade; can you even?!) — and for the boys, it’s always almost certainly about the Double Up Chicken. Think about it — two slabs of chicken of your choice, along with two sides of your choice without costing twice the price (although it now costs $16); something that hits the maturing adolescents when it comes to the sheer flexibility and portioning.

One thing I am very glad about the grilled chicken dishes at Aston’s Specialties is would be their consistency over the years — right down from how it comes with those satisfying grill marks all the way to the flavours. Unlike some places where the “fiery” does not really mean much, the Fiery Chicken from Aston’s Specialties delivers despite its humble appearance; the chicken being all surprisingly spicy with quite an intense kick of heat that tingles the taste buds even for those who are tolerable to moderate levels of spiciness. Opted for the Pasta Salad and Onion Rings for sides; have always remembered how the former tasted the same — al-dente fusilli that carries a decent bite probably tossed in a very light vinaigrette for some flavour with a sprinkle of pepper over the top and coming with some capsicums for contrast in terms of taste and texture, while the onion rings are crisp on the exterior with its golden-brown batter.

Admittedly there are times where they are little up and down in terms of their consistency, but Aston’s Specialties isn’t a bad dining option — probably just one I would skip given my preference of dining at more “indie” establishments. For those who are not too fussy with the overall dining experience, Aston’s Specialties does not really go too far in the unknown — always been more of a safe option to fall back for all sorts of occasions; and that’s how they seemingly have become a sort of memory for me now of the simpler times that I would return back to for a taste of nostalgia.